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One day back in 1997, I had the idea to devise a method for determining the precise language learning needs of an individual, based on my experience of teaching business people with expertise in hugely different specialist areas. And so the Finer English Audit was born. At that time, you couldn’t find anything on the internet about auditing a person’s language learning needs. Today, a Google search will reveal dozens of schools which use the method. While I would never have thought of myself as an inventor, I can lay claim to having invented the language audit.

Since then, Finer English has audited hundreds of German business people and based on the audit results successfully taught them the language skills they need to do their jobs effectively in English.

The effectiveness of the audit approach explains part of the success of Finer English. Our clients recognise its value. But what has also sustained us in the face of growing competition is our emphasis on quality. All our teachers undergo intensive training in the art of teaching according to the individual student’s specific needs. Regular Teachers' Meetings reinforce our methodology. And we have a host of quality-control mechanisms in place to ensure our high standards are always upheld. That’s why Finer English really does mean better business.

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