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finer english audit

Every person is unique. And what each person needs to learn to do his or her job well in English is also unique. One needs to answer the phone and write e-mails, another to give a presentation about the advantages of your latest product.

The Finer English Audit takes account of the uniqueness of every employee in your company and offers a detailed analysis of each individual's learning priorities.

Flow Chart

A language audit has 5 steps:

  1. Research into your company's goals and use of English.

  2. A questionnaire in German to identify the English language skills most necessary for individual employees in their specialist areas. A personnel manager and a computer system administrator are likely to use English in very different ways for very different purposes.

  3. Job-specific tailor-made language tests in English to determine which aspects of the language need most improvement.

  4. A one-to-one interview to evaluate the individual's listening comprehension, fluency, pronunciation and intonation.

  5. Drawing up a learning strategy tailor-made for the individual. Each employee focuses on what is most important to do his or her job more effectively in the English language.

The Finer English Audit - goal-oriented and cost-effective

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