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Joe Finer

Joe Finer
English Language Consultant
Friedrich-Naumann-Strasse 19
34131 Kassel
Telephone 0561-766-9236


The Finer English Audit was developed by Joe Finer.

He has worked professionally as an English teacher in Germany since 1989 and as an English language consultant since 1993, equipping hundreds of business professionals with the English language skills necessary for their work.

Joe Finer received his Honours Degree (First Class) from King's College, Cambridge University, England in 1980. Three years later he became a professional state-qualified English teacher.

He has taught English to:

Before coming to Germany, Joe Finer worked as:

All his candidates for public examinations (Industrie- und Handelskammer, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cambridge Proficiency, British Council, Abitur and German universities) have passed with good marks.

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