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UweUwe Scheller, EON IT
Manager for IT demands for EON’s Distribution and Shared Services companies in Germany
“My name is Uwe Scheller and I’m responsible for managing the IT demands for EON’s Distribution and Shared Services companies in Germany. Since March 2000, I’ve been a student at Finer English. I am absolutely convinced concerning the philosophy of Finer English to align the English lessons not only with the student's competence in English but also the specific work activities for which English is necessary. I have profited enormously from this approach and have continuously improved my English skills. That is also the result of a very motivated team of competent teachers. In a nutshell, I can say that I am very satisfied with Finer English. I would recommend Finer English for all companies which need special work-related English skills.”
ThomasThomas Franke, SMA Solar Technology AG
Team Leader HR Management Corporate Functions and Manager, HR Management Corporate Functions
"Thank you for the ever humorous, sophisticated and entertaining lessons. Finer English offers outstanding lessons for professional business English with the perfect blend of high technical standards set in a relaxing atmosphere. I couldn't imagine encountering topics ranging from Warren Buffet to Calvin and Hobbes anywhere else."
MarkusMarkus Bock, K+S plc
Director of Knowledge & Idea Management K+S Group
"Since 2013 I have improved my English knowledge with Finer English. I appreciate including many issues of my daily work with my foreign colleagues in the trainings. The pleasant, informal learning atmosphere has significantly strengthened my self-confidence in speaking English.

Furthermore, the possibility of choosing from a large spectrum of native-speakers and their cultures is a big advantage. Verbal communication works best when I’m able to understand what’s written and spoken between the lines. Misunderstandings will be fewer and verbal communication better. Finer English, for me a real added value! "

MarkusDr. Clemens Reiche, K+S KALI GmbH, Kassel
"Looking back on my professional career so far, I really appreciate preventing my English from rusting. Congratulations to the highly-qualified team at Finer English, which not only provides technical special knowledge but also a nice training concept. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to improve my language knowledge in an open and relaxing atmosphere."

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